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Backcountry Boutique April Item: RAF Manky Map

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We are so excited to debut our Backcountry Boutique item for the month of April: a super-soft, super-versatile cloth 'Manky Map' featuring RAF airstrips on one side, and the RAF Code of Conduct on the reverse. The cloth is generously sized at 18” x 12”.

What exactly is a Manky Map? We’re glad you asked...

Man – ky


noun, plural - man·kys.

- a map that loves the great outdoors.

Though you might just choose to display this cloth work of art in your hangar, know that these maps can get wet, are machine washable, and come in handy in a variety of situations.

Consider using it as a polishing or cleaning cloth for your airplane windshield, your glasses, or your phone or laptop screen. Stuff one in your pants pocket and keep another one in your airplane for easy access.

We love that the RAF Manky Map serves as a talking point for anyone interested in the RAF Mission. Bring yours to the next fly-in or aviation event and use it as an instant conversation starter!

Each map is $15 which includes shipping via USPS.

We are able to process online purchases through our website only: http://theraf.org/civicrm/contribute/transact?reset=1&id=23

Manky Maps will be shipped out from RAF headquarters 3-5 from the purchase date. Any questions can be sent to info@theraf.org or call Tricia at 406-570-5398.

We welcome photos of supporters using or wearing RAF gear! Please send your images to ewhite@theraf.org, and let us know if we have permission to post them on social media or our website.